Serious Sam's Bogus Detour  2016/06/09
Engine documentation
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CBitmap2DA bitmap handle used for rendering TGA images
 CBitmapFontA font that can be used to create BitmapString objects
 CBitmapStringA rendered string of text from a font
 CButtonStateThe state of a button in a single update tick
 CCollisionAreaAn area containing enter and exit events
 CControlBindingsThe root object for setting and getting bindings and actions
 CControlMapA list of controls for a single player
 CControlMapBindingA binding in a ControlMap that attaches to an action
 CCustomUnitSceneA custom unit scene that can contain multiple UnitScene objects
 Ccvar_tConsole variable type. This can be a bool, float, int, or string
 CEffectParamsContainer for effect parameters
 CFixtureA fixture of a physics body
 CGameInputButton states for game input
 CGameServiceAccess to the online service, such as Steam
 CGUIBuilderClass used for building GUI from definitions
 CGUIDefDefinition of a GUI resource
 Civec22-dimensional integer vector
 Civec33-dimensional integer vector
 Civec44-dimensional integer vector
 Cmat33 by 3 matrix of floats
 Cmat44 by 4 matrix of floats
 CMenuInputButton states for menu input
 CNetworkMessageA network message that can be sent to peers
 CPhysicsBodyA physics body
 CRaycastResultResult of a raycast
 CSceneThe world scene. This contains all units
 CSoundEventA sound resource. This can play sounds in 2D and 3D. Creates SoundInstance objects
 CSoundInstanceAn instance of a sound. A played sound can be located in the world, and controlled via this class
 CSpriteAn animated sprite that can be rendered on the GUI
 CSpriteBatchRendering object for rendering things on the GUI
 CSValueObject containing serialization information. This can be several types of data
 CSValueBuilderClass that can create SValue objects
 CTempTexture2DA refcounted texture handle
 CTextInputControlEventEvent called for text input
 CTexture2DA texture handle used for rendering PNG images
 CTilesetInformation about a point in the tileset
 CUnitFeedA fetcher of units from various sources. Can be connected to units or UnitSource objects in the editor in order to reference units in worldscripts
 CUnitProducerA unit resource. This creates UnitPtr objects
 CUnitPtrReferences a unit in the scene
 CUnitSceneAn animated scene of a unit
 CUnitSourceAn emitting source of units. UnitFeed objects can get units from this
 Cvec22-dimensional vector
 Cvec33-dimensional vector
 Cvec44-dimensional vector
 CWidgetLoadingContextContext used when building a GUI resource
 CWorldScriptAn executabole worldscript