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GameSaveInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

GameSaveInfo operator= (const GameSaveInfo &)

Public Attributes

bool Valid
uint64 Timestamp
uint32 Version
uint32 ScenarioID
GameDifficulty Difficulty
uint64 PlaytimeLevel
uint64 PlaytimeTotal
bool Multiplayer
string LevelFilename

Member Function Documentation

GameSaveInfo GameSaveInfo::operator= ( const GameSaveInfo )

Member Data Documentation

GameDifficulty GameSaveInfo::Difficulty
string GameSaveInfo::LevelFilename
bool GameSaveInfo::Multiplayer
uint64 GameSaveInfo::PlaytimeLevel
uint64 GameSaveInfo::PlaytimeTotal
ScenarioInfo* GameSaveInfo::Scenario
uint32 GameSaveInfo::ScenarioID
uint64 GameSaveInfo::Timestamp
bool GameSaveInfo::Valid
uint32 GameSaveInfo::Version

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