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class  Fixture
 A fixture of a physics body. More...
class  PhysicsBody
 A physics body. More...
class  CollisionArea
 An area containing enter and exit events. More...

Detailed Description

Class Documentation

class Fixture

A fixture of a physics body.

Public Member Functions

bool IsSensor ()

Member Function Documentation

bool Fixture::IsSensor ( )
class PhysicsBody

A physics body.

Public Member Functions

void SetLinearVelocity (const vec2 &velocity)
void SetLinearVelocity (float x, float y)
vec2 GetLinearVelocity ()
bool IsStatic ()
void SetStatic (bool static)
bool IsActive ()
void SetActive (bool static, Scene *scene=null)
int32 GetEstimatedRadius ()

Member Function Documentation

int32 PhysicsBody::GetEstimatedRadius ( )
vec2 PhysicsBody::GetLinearVelocity ( )
bool PhysicsBody::IsActive ( )
bool PhysicsBody::IsStatic ( )
void PhysicsBody::SetActive ( bool  static,
Scene scene = null 
void PhysicsBody::SetLinearVelocity ( const vec2 velocity)
void PhysicsBody::SetLinearVelocity ( float  x,
float  y 
void PhysicsBody::SetStatic ( bool  static)
class CollisionArea

An area containing enter and exit events.

Public Member Functions

void AddOnEnter (ref script, string func)
void AddOnExit (ref script, string func)
array< UnitPtr > * FetchAllInside (Scene *scene)
bool IsEmpty ()

Member Function Documentation

void CollisionArea::AddOnEnter ( ref  script,
string  func 
void CollisionArea::AddOnExit ( ref  script,
string  func 
array<UnitPtr>* CollisionArea::FetchAllInside ( Scene scene)
bool CollisionArea::IsEmpty ( )