Sharing your scenario

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After you have created your scenario and added your content to it, you can package it up by using the Packager.

First, start the packager tool. You will see several groups of scenarios:

  • Official: These are official Crackshell scenarios.
  • Workshop: These scenarios have been installed from the Steam Workshop. (If you're using the GoG build, you won't see this.)
  • Downloaded: These are all scenarios packaged as .bds files in the "scenarios" folder. These can either be downloaded and placed there manually, or automatically downloaded via lobbies.
  • Custom: These are unpackaged scenarios organized as directories.

You should see your scenario in the Custom list. Right click it, and select "Make package". You will be prompted to save a .bds file. Pick any location and any name you want. You can either distribute this file manually, or distribute it via the Steam Workshop.

Uploading to Steam

Once your scenario is packaged, click on the Steam icon in the packager toolbar to open the Steam Workshop dialog. Here you can update your existing workshop items or upload new ones. To upload a new one, use the "Upload new" tab.

Click "Browse package..." to browse to where you saved your .bds file. This should automatically fill in the name and description of the item. Feel free to modify these if you want, but you can change this later on your workshop item page as well.

You'll also need to upload an image. This image needs to be smaller than 1 MB. For best results, this should be a 16:9 image. Check out some of the already existing scenarios on the Steam Workshop if you need some inspiration.