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A scenario is a collection of maps and content for the game. For example, the game ships with 3 scenarios: bogus_detour which contains the campaign levels, survival which contains all the survival levels, and versus that contains all the versus levels. These scenarios can be selected when starting a custom singleplayer game or a multiplayer lobby.

Scenarios can be packaged into a single .bds (Bogus Detour Scenario) file and submitted on the Steam Workshop for others to download and play. (See also Sharing your scenario.)

Using the packager

You can use the packager tool to automatically create a "skeleton" scenario for you. This will include a simple info.xml file that you can use as a template. To do this, open the packager (Packager.exe in your game's folder) and click on the "Create skeleton project" button. It will then ask for a scenario name and it will create the scenario folder for you.



You don't need to use the packager tool to make a skeleton scenario for you. If you want to do it yourself, all you need to do is create a folder in the scenarios directory, and adding an info.xml file.

Info file

For more information on the info.xml file, see its wiki page.