Creating a Survival level

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This is a basic guide for creating a survival level.

Game Mode

First of all you need to set up the correct game mode. Pick Survival in the GameMode tab in the layers window, and then configure the properties.

Survival gamemode.png

  • StartingWeapons: Here you can choose what weapons the players will spawn with.
  • ExpScale: Scales the amount of experience players gain by killing enemies. A value of 1 equals 100% of experience gained. A value of 0 is used in the official survival mode as experience is given with the GiveExperience worldscript between waves.
  • TotalWaveCount: Input the amount of waves your level will have to make the HUD work properly.

Survival waveinfo.png

World Scripts

These are the worldscripts most commonly used when making a survival level.


The SurvivalWave WorldScript will manage a wave of enemies. When this script is executed it will update the HUD wave info and begin triggering SubWaves, starting with SubWave0, with an interval of parameter 'SubWaveDelay'(milliseconds). Once all SubWaves have been triggered it will begin checking for remaining enemy actors, (a SubWave with no connections will count as the last SubWave), when all enemy actors have been eliminated the "OnFinished" parameter is triggered.



When executed, the SurvivalEnemySpawn WorldScript will spawn the selected unit at the position of a random SurvivalEnemySpawnPoint with the same filter.


  • UnitType: Unit to spawn.
  • NumberToSpawn: Amount of units to spawn when executed.
  • NumberPerPlayer: Amount of units per player to spawn.
  • MaxToSpawn: No more than this number of units will be spawned when executed.
  • SpawnPointFilter: Units will only spawn on a SurvivalEnemySpawnPoint with the same filter.


Units spawned by SurvivalEnemySpawn can only be spawned at the locations of these SurvivalEnemySpawnPoint scripts.


  • Filter: Match this with the filter on SurvivalEnemySpawn to have specific units spawn at this location.
  • SpawnEffect: Effect played when unit is spawned.
  • SpawnSound: Sound played when unit is spawned.

Starting & Finishing a level

Place a LevelStart WorldScript where you want the players to spawn and re-spawn. Execute the EndOfCampaign WorldScript to end the level.